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Private Limited Company

Are you thinking about starting a business, but you don’t know which type is best for you or how to start? Do you already own a business or corporation, but are unable to keep up with the endless amount of paperwork required to maintain compliance? At Safe Shield® we provide businesses and individuals with a complete suite of compliance solutions designed to ensure that your business maintains corporate requirements year round.

Safe Shield® believes in the ability for successful business to transform lives, communities, and economies. That’s why we offer corporation formation assistance among our distinguished list of services. Safe Shield® will help you navigate through the business formation process and then make sure that your business stays compliant. One critical way for businesses to maintain compliance is to seek legal liability protection through entity formation. This type of protection essentially separates the business from the business owner(s), ensuring all liabilities and obligations are the responsibility of the business entity and not the business owner(s). One common type of business entity is a private limited company.

What is a Private Limited Company?

A private limited company is a type of business that gives its owners limited liability and protects its shareholders. The owners hold all of the shares privately, and may run the business themselves or hire a director to manage the company for them.

However, a private limited company places certain restrictions on its ownership: 1) Shareholders cannot transfer or sell their stock until they offer it to other shareholders. 2) Shareholders are forbidden to sell their shares to the public over the stock exchange. 3) The number of shareholders in one business entity is restricted to a fixed figure (anywhere from 50-100 depending on the state of formation).

Advantages of a Private Limited Company

Forming a private limited company has a variety of advantages.
  • Limited Liability. Private limited companies are treated like single entities that are responsible for all debts as opposed to the business owners. If the business fails, owners are not liable and are only responsible for unpaid shares.
  • Taxes. Income is passed through the company to the owners personal returns as “flow-through” income.
  • More Resources. A private limited company protects the interest of lenders. Therefore lenders are more willing to invest. More funding lowers the costs of goods and services which increases company profits and makes the company a more secure investment for lenders.
  • Continuity. Since the company is its own legal entity, it guarantees succession in the event members leave the company. Therefore the remaining shareholders have job security even if major players vacate their positions.


Our team will provide step-by-step assistance and documentation services for businesses eager to establish themselves in the market. We will:
  • Conduct a record book assessment
  • Conduct Annual Compliance Reviews
  • Provide Status Alerts
  • Create and manage an electronic Record Book
  • Monitor government filings
  • Advise and assist in compliance best practices with compliance phone and e-mail support (10 emails to unlimited communications per year depending on plan selection)
  • And much more
Contact Safe Shield® now at 844-618-SAFE (7233) or email us for more information about private limited company formation.

Summary: A private limited company is a type of business that gives its owners limited liability and protects its shareholders. Safe Shield® can help you form this company.