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In 2007, Safe Shield® designed a revolutionary compliance solutions program that ensured the compliance of businesses with corporate rules. Our organization is dedicated to the proliferation of the entrepreneurial spirit, and has made helping businesses meet compliance standards our #1 goal.

Safe Shield® encourages business seekers to consider entity formation. Entity formation provides a liability shield to its business owners protecting them from prosecution or government fines, provided that the business owner maintains compliance requirements. This type of protection makes a specific business a “single entity.” This separates the business from the business owner(s), and shields business owners and shareholders from all liabilities and obligations. One of the most profitable entities are public limited companies.

What is a Public Limited Company

A public limited company (plc) is a company whose securities are traded publicly on the stock exchange. These types of companies are tightly regulated and must publicly disclose the truth about its financial position so that investors can determine the worth of their stock. PLCs are used in the United Kingdom like corporations are used in the United States.

Advantages to a Public Limited Company

There are a few sizeable advantages to having a public limited company. Limited Liability for shareholders. The business is viewed as a separate legal entity. This means that even if a shareholder(s) leaves the PLC or dies, the business can continue. Ability to raise large amount of capital. Public limited companies are able to raise large sums of money because there is no limit to how many shareholders a PLC can have. The shares of the PLCs are freely transferable. This provides liquidity for shareholders.

Disadvantages to a Public Limited Company

Although there are profitable advantages to forming a public limited company there are some distinct disadvantages.
  • There are many legal formalities to starting a public limited company:
    • There must be at least 2 shareholders before the PLC can be formed.
    • Accounts for PLCs must be filed within 6 months of the year’s end.
    • There must be at least 2 directors.
    • The company’s secretary must be certified.
  • In order to protect public investors, there are many controls and regulations that the business must follow.
  • There is a possibility that the original owners can lose control of the public limited company in the issue of a dispute or violation.
  • Some public limited companies can grow very large. As a result, many can suffer from mismanagement and slow decision making.


Safe Shield® will help you navigate the complex waters of entity formation and compliance with a full suite of services. We will:
  • Provide Status Alerts
  • Conduct a record book assessment
  • Monitor government filings
  • Conduct Annual Compliance Reviews
  • Create and manage an electronic Record Book
  • Advise and assist in compliance best practices with compliance phone and e-mail support (10 emails to unlimited communications per year depending on plan selection)
  • And much more
Contact Safe Shield® now at 844-618-SAFE (7233) or email us for more information about public limited formation.